Our top 6 ideas in June


Game Viewing in Botswana

Botswana’s beautiful scenery, prolific wildlife and excellent private game reserve make it one’s of Africa’s best safari destinations. Renowned for its abundant and varied wildlife, and its wide open, sparsely populated countryside, Botswana has set aside a large percentage of its land for national parks and games reserves. The jewel in Botswana’s crown is undoubtedly the Okavango Delta. The Okavango is a labyrinth of lagoons, lakes and hidden channels covering an area of over 17,000 square km and the largest inland delta in the world. Trapped in the parched Kalahari sands it is a magnet for the wildlife who depend on the permanent waters of this unique feature. Enjoy wildlife, including lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah, viewing on foot, from open topped safari vehicles or from a mokoro dugout canoe. Botswana is also home to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the second largest game reserve in the world. Situated right in the centre of Botswana, this reserve is characterised by vast open plains, saltpans and ancient riverbeds.

The safari season in Botswana runs from the beginning of March to the end of November. June is generally warm and very dry although the nights can become cooler.

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Inti raymi Peru9

Inti Raymi, Peru

Of course, June also marks the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. In Peru it is celebrated with Inti Raymi – Festival of the Sun – held among the ruins of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman near Cusco. Dating back to Inca times, the festival honours the god Inti, as well as marking the winter solstice and new year; week-long celebrations culminate in major events on 24 June.

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Annual Whale Migration, South Africa

Between June and October each year the small town of Hermanus in South Africa can rightly claim to be one of the best places in the world to enjoy land and water based whale watching experiences (with excursions possible by either boat or kayak). Each year its coastlines become a magnet for southern right whales, humpbacks and even rare brydes whales, who come here to breed and feed in the rich southern seas. Favouring the shallow waters of Walker Bay for breeding and mating, the whales regularly swim in close to the shore, where a coastal path that runs from one end of the town to the other gives some incredible opportunities for close up encounters with these mighty leviathans (it is possible at times to get within 20 metres of the whales).  

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family to morocco

Festival D'Essaouira Gnaoua - Morocco

Every year in the month of June, the beautiful city of Essaouira (Mogador) devotes its maze of streets, lovely beaches, and vibrant public squares to music. In just a few years the city has become Morocco’s answer to Woodstock. Colourful and exciting nights to soothe the spirit, thousands of music lovers swaying to the music in a convivial and intimate atmosphere – this is the city during the Festival! No setting is so conducive to listening and letting oneself go. In Essaouira the maalems feel at home, their chants and laments were born in this land open to the cultures of the world. In Essaouira the musicians excel in virtuosity, inventiveness and flair. When their music begins, even the most reserved onlookers start moving to the rhythm and let themselves go. The enchantment of the Gnaoua and World Music Festival is at Work. Musical encounters are renewed – attracting, astonishing. 2011 marked the opening of a new venue, the Bastion at Bab Marrakech. Following the success of the 1999 exhibition organised for the festival and curated by Nawai Staoui, the ground floor of the Bastion has become Essaouira’s latest exhibition space.

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Southern Africa - The Dry Season 

June is a wonderful time of year in Southern Africa and is generally regarded as one of the best times to go on Safari. This is because it’s the dry season and water in the region is scarce and animals will congregate around existing water holes to refresh. The grass is lower and the animals become easier to spot, also the dirt road become easier to navigate. June is also a fantastic month to discover the wetlands of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the massive rains in Angola earlier in the year have now washed down into Botswana, spreading through this vast inland Delta, bringing the highest water from June to August.

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Oil Wrestling in Edirne - Turkey 

Historically the Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival in Edirne is the oldest wrestling festival in the world which has been continuing since the first contests in 1357. Oil wrestling is a version of this popular national sport made more difficult by the fact that the combatants are smothered in oil. The competitors wear traditional black costumes and the event is held every year in June in a meadow just outside Edirne. Known as Kirkpinar, it literally means ‘Forty Spring’ and is said to have been named after the forty Ottoman warriors who, in the 14th century, made the first crossing of the Dardanelles into Europe. Kirkpinar Oil Wresting, which has been bound with a tradition of over 650 years now attracts wrestlers and thousands of spectators alike who enjoy this marvellous and fun festival every June.  

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