Common during the formative years of the 19th century, dahabiyyas were the sailboats of choice for the aristocracy and socialites of Europe's elite, providing elegant comfort for them and their servants as they visited the rich treasures of the ancient Pharaohs. Beautifully crafted and serenely stylish they were the perfect way to negotiate the gentle waters of the Nile, and Bales Worldwide now have a fleet of four of these majestic sailing vessels, offering an experience of the Nile Valley unlike any other.

Utilising private moorings by remote islands along the river, they offer a respite away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist boats, perfectly complimenting the timeless beauty of the setting, whilst still affording accessibility to the vibrant heart of its riverside communities. Small enough to negotiate the shallow waters they can provide exclusive access to quiet corners of the Valley, untouched by the other boats, where private lunches and delicious barbeques, create an atmosphere of peaceful relaxation and intimacy. - For more details please call 0844 488 1123.

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