Middle East
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Middle East

At the crossroads of culture and commerce for millennia, the historical landscapes of North Africa and Arabia are amongst the oldest and most fascinating anywhere in the world. From the matchless antiquities of the Nile Valley, the Berber strongholds of the Atlas Mountains, this entire region is a natural and cultural treasure trove.

  • Egypt


    It is easy to find inspiration from Egypt - the land of the pharaohs - which blends ancient civilisations with Nile cruising and world class diving in the Red Sea to provide so many choices that it is difficult to decide where to visit first.

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  • Jordan


    Jordan is a fascinating mix of cultural classics and natural beauty. from the haunting desert landscapes of Wadi rum and the unique Waters of the dead sea, to the magical experience of petra, it is a land of breathtaking diversity.

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  • Oman


    A country of fascinating contrasts and one of the safest and cleanest in the gulf, Oman has a rich cultural history along with historic ties with Britain. Luxurious and diverse, its astonishing variety and unspoiled beauty come from its mountains, deserts and coasts. A destination not to be missed.

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  • Turkey


    Blessed with stunning natural beauty, fine cuisine and the rich history of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, Turkey is an exceptional destination. Its beautiful beaches and Byzantine frescoes combine with the stunning architectural treasures of Istanbul and the extraordinary landscapes of Cappadocia to create a country of incredible depth and vibrancy. From the azure Aegean, to the remote mountains of the east, Turkey is a breathtaking kaleidoscope of colour and culture.

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Countries in Middle east