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Indochina Grand Tour 

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Highlights of Vietnam Tour

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Vietnam's rich and diverse heritage reflects a rare complexity of styles and cultures. A most compelling destination from the rice terraces of the north to the Mekong Delta in the south, prepare yourself for more shades of green than you could ever imagine. History and colourful local traditions run shoulders with a past filled with ancient glory merging to create the most fascinating of countries.

Tours in Vietnam

Indochina Grand Tour 

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  • Splendours of Vietnam and CambodiaCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Splendours of Vietnam and Cambodia

    Hanoi (2 nights), Halong Bay (1 night), Hoi An (2 nights), Hue (2 nights), Saigon (2 nights), Mekong Delta (2 nights), Phnom Penh (1 night), Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor (3 nights)

  • Vietnam DiscoveryCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Vietnam Discovery

    Hanoi (3 nights), Hue (2 nights), Danang, Hoi An (2 nights) and Ho Chi Minh City (2 nights)

  • Complete IndochinaClassical and HeritageCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Complete Indochina

    Vientiane (2 nights), Xieng Khouang (2 nights), Luang Prabang (3 nights), Hanoi (2 nights), Victoria Express Train (1 night), Sapa (2 nights), Victoria Express Train (1 night), Halong Bay (1 night), Hoi An (2 nights), Phnom Penh (1 night), Siem Reap (3 nights)

  • Vietnam, Cambodia and the 4 Rivers Floating LodgeTailor Made Tours

    Vietnam, Cambodia and the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

    Saigon (3 nights), Mekong River Cruise (1 night), Mekong (1 night), Phnom Penh (2 nights), 4 Rivers Floating Lodge (4 nights), Battambang (2 nights), Siem Reap (4 nights)

  • Vietnam In StyleTailor Made Tours

    Vietnam In Style

    Hanoi (1 night), Ninh Binh (2 nights), Halong Bay (1 night), Danang/Hoi An (3 nights), Ninh Van Bay (2 nights) & Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) (2 nights)

  • Mekong OdysseyCruisingCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Mekong Odyssey

    Ho Chi Minh City (2 nights), Mekong Delta, Can Tho (1 night), Chau Doc (1 night), Phnom Penh (2 nights), Siem Reap (3 nights) and the Temples of Angkor

  • Mekong River Cruise with Pandaw - Saigon to Siem Reap (Upstream)CruisingCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Mekong River Cruise with Pandaw - Saigon to Siem Reap (Upstream)

    Saigon (2 nights), cruising on the Mekong River (7 nights) & Siem Reap (3 nights)

  • Mekong River Cruise with Pandaw – Siem Reap To Saigon (Downstream)CruisingCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Mekong River Cruise with Pandaw – Siem Reap To Saigon (Downstream)

    Siem Reap (3 nights), cruising on the Mekong River (7 nights) & Saigon (2 nights)

  • Highlights of Hong Kong and VietnamTailor Made Tours

    Highlights of Hong Kong and Vietnam

    Hong Kong (2 nights), Hanoi (2 nights), Halong Bay cruise (1 night), Hoi An (2 nights), Hue (2 nights), Saigon (1 night), Phan Thiet (4 nights)

Things to See & Do

  • Halong Bay

    Halong Bay

    One of the world’s most scenic places, to cruise here is an unforgettable experience. With more than 3,000 islands rising dramatically from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay is one of south-east Asia's most spectacular sights. As well as cruising in the bay, you can explore the extensive caves systems on some of the islands, with their impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

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  • Hanoi


    A city of tree-lined avenues and ornate architecture, which holds more cultural sites than any other city in the country, the Vietnamese capital still exudes all the colonial elegance of its French heritage. Lying besides the Red River it has enjoyed a prominent place in Vietnam’s turbulent history for nearly 1,000 years, a factor reflected in its wealth of pagodas and temples and the myriad artisans trading amongst its colourful and diverse network of back streets.

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  • Mekong Delta

    Mekong Delta

    Essential to the very livelihoods of its people, the myriad network of channels and tributaries that make up the Mekong Delta offer a spectacular window upon life along the banks of this mighty river. Rich in cultural diversity and scenic splendour, the lush landscapes present an ever-changing tableau of village life, offering a stark contrast to the colonial grandeur and vibrancy of some other parts of the region. Sightseeing is predominantly based on or along the river, visiting remote fishing villages and traditional floating markets and exploring river islands and remote pagodas, enjoying the serenity of the forested hills and rice paddies and the spectacle of life amongst the tropical wetlands of south eastern Vietnam.

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  • Hoi An

    Hoi An

    One of Vietnam’s 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Hoi An is a picturesque town, providing visitors with a collection of temples and traditional Chinese-style merchants’ houses. The exceptionally well-preserved narrow streets of this ancient town are perfect for exploring on foot or bicycle.

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  • Hoi An full moon festival

    Hoi An full moon festival

    The Full Moon Festival in Hoi An coincides with the full moon on the lunar calendar. A highlight of any trip to Vietnam, Hoi An turns off any excess lighting and decorates its streets with candles and lanterns. Traditional music fills the air whilst tea lights float down the river in a truly magical evening. All our 2013 departures of Highlights of Vietnam and Indochina Grand Tour are timed to coincide with this ancient event.

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  • Saigon


    Vietnam’s commercial and cultural heart is today one of the most dynamic cities in Asia. With over 200 temples, a wealth of museums, shops and restaurants and the bustling chaos of Ben Thanh Market, it evokes the very essence of Vietnamese character past and present.

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  • Danang


    One of Vietnam’s oldest cities, Danang lies just 70 kilometres from the fabulous ruins of My Son, one of the most important Hindu temple sites in Southeast Asia. The city also plays host to the craggy peaks of the Marble Mountains, whose caves contain a number of ancient Buddhist sanctuaries.

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  • Fusion Maia

    Fusion Maia

    Fusion Maia embodies a concept that is Asia’s one of a kind. All spa treatments are on free and unlimited offer. Guests have extensive freedom to enjoy deluxe spa services including massage, beauty and body treatments. Meanwhile every single villa has its own private pool, and breakfast is served any time and place at no extra cost. This newest addition to Central Vietnam’s beach resorts has 80 spacious, stylishly decorated pool villas, 4 spa villas (2 bed rooms) and 3 luxurious beachfront villas (2/3 bedrooms) that ensure an intimate yet contemporary atmosphere.

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  • Hue


    Founded during the 17th century, on the banks of the Perfume River, Hue served as the feudal capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old city is one of Vietnam’s most valued historic treasures. The Imperial City, based on Beijing’s expansive Forbidden City still lies behind 10 metre thick walls.

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  • Mai Chau

    Mai Chau

    Mai Chau lies around 135 kilometres from Hanoi, in a mountainous valley deep in the heart of Hoa Binh Province. Famous for its traditional stilt houses and its rich mix of ethnic minorities, the region’s captivating combination of natural beauty and cultural diversity provides the perfect setting for village treks.

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Highlights of Vietnam

Travel Experts

  • Sue Livsey

    Enjoy an Art History Tour in Saigon

    Sue Livsey
    Far East Product Manager
  • Sue Livsey

    Head to Dalat for the cooler climes and echoes of Vietnam's French colonial past.

    Sue Livsey
    Far East Product Manager

Best Time To Go and Weather

Vietnam tends to be hot and wet for most of the year and climatic conditions vary from region to region at different time periods.  Bales have tried to plan departure dates that coincide with the better weather in the majority of places visited.

Essential Information

  • Time differenceGMT +7hrs
  • Flight Time12.5 hrs
  • VisaYes for British passport holders*
  • ImmunisationsHepatitis A & B, Japanese encephalitis, Malaria, Typhoid**
  • CurrencyDong
  • CapitalHanoi
  • Area329,565 sq km
  • Population80.1 million
  • Dialling Code+84
  • Electricity220V
  • LanguageVietnamese or Quoc-Ngu

* Please check with the tourist board to confirm

** Please check with your health professional to confirm

Climate Information

Average Temperature (°C)
Average Rainfall (mm)

Additional Information

Key Phrases
Xin chao (seen chow) - Hello
Chao (chow) Goodbye
Xin loi (seen loy) - Excuse me
Vang (vung) – Yes
Khong (khome) - No
Ban co khoe khong? (ban co kwe khome?) How are you?
Late January to early February - Tet This is the Vietnamese and Chinese New Year where families gather to eat traditional food and visit pagodas, streets are festooned with red festive banners and coloured lights and vendors drive around selling kumquat bushes and peach trees which are tied to their bikes April – Hung Temple Festival This three day festival held on Nghia Linh Mountain in the Phong Chau District, sees flower ceremonies, lavish feasts and elephant processions and marches take place, followed by performances of classical Vietnamese music April – Whale Festival Held in Quang Nam in the Danang Province, this is the largest water festival where the whale temple, houses and boats are beautifully decorated and the Whale God is worshipped by fishermen September - Mid Autumn Festival Celebrated on the full moon, streets become filled with colourful sweets, toys and cakes and dancers wear a giant costume to perform the ‘lion dance’ which is believed to ensure good fortune 14th Day of each lunar month - Full Moon Festival, Hoi An Colourful toys are hung in the streets of Hoi Chi Minh City, locals feast on ‘mooncakes’ and colourful lanterns are released into the night sky marking dreams for the future
Food & Drink
Pho Noodle soup typically served in Saigon or Hanoi with beef or chicken Banh Chon Rice flour based rolls that are steamed and filled with pork and mushrooms Banh Chung Square ‘cake’ made of sticky rice, stuffed with mung bean paste, lean pork and black pepper and wrapped in banana leaf Banh Xeo A type of crepe made of rice flour, turmeric, shrimps, pork and mushrooms and cooked in coconut oil Coffee The second largest producer in the world, coffee is widely drank in Vietnam. More ambitious travellers may try the Civet Cat Coffee which comes from beans that have been eaten by a civet cat and roasted Jasmine Tea Highly scented tea made from the jasmine blossoms and served with many meals Ca phe sura da A strong iced coffee typically served with sweetened condensed milk Nuroc mia Sugar cane juice typically served with ice Vietnamese wine The main grape varieties here are the Cardinal and Chambourcin grapes and a large amount of wine is also made from local fruit
Tipping is not expected in Vietnam but is hugely appreciated. Upmarket hotels and restaurants may include a 5% service charge which in most cases will not reach the staff so consider tipping directly to waiters. Hotel service charge often includes housekeeping service but consider leaving 1,000 Vietnam dongs (5 cents) for porters and round up fares for taxi drivers.
Books to Read
The Quiet American by Graham Greene – The controversial story of Alden Pyle, the ‘Quiet American’ who is sent from Washington, on a mysterious mission to Saigon, where the French Army struggles against the Vietminh guerrillas Monsoon by Di Morrissey – Sandy, a volunteer in Vietnam and her friend, meet an old Australian journalist who covered the war, and encourages Sandy’s father to settle ghosts from his past The Girl in The Picture by Denise Chong – An emotional story about Ki Phuoc, a girl who featured in a famously poignant photo of children running from the napalm strike in the Vietnam war
Movies to Watch
Good Morning Vietnam – 1987 American war comedy set in Saigon in 1965 about an unorthodox and irreverent DJ assigned to the US armed services radio station The Deer Hunter – 1978 American war drama film starring Robert De Niro about a trio of Russian American steelworkers and how the Vietnam war affected people’s lives
Music to Listen to
Chèo A satirical musical theatre originating from northern Vietnam and typically consists of a fiddle, flute and drum Ca Tru A classical Vietnamese opera which originated from entertainment in royal palaces from 15th Century Vietnam. It involves a long-necked lute known as a ‘dan day’, vocals, and the ‘phach’, a bamboo-based percussion instrument