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Far East

Covering a rich diversity of landscapes, cultures and historical narrative, the Far East encompasses a swathe of territory that stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Andaman Sea. These are lands that have heralded in some of the most significant events in human history and still managed to retain firm grip on the traditions of the past.

  • Borneo


    With an incredible variety of ecosystems and ethnic diversity, the region is a true Wonderland of natural and cultural attractions. its national parks are home to primates and turtles, canopy WalkWays and endangered sumatran rhino and some of the largest cave systems in the World.

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  • Cambodia


    Dominated by the timeless Mekong, from the jungle temples of Angkor to the bustling streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a country whose beauty, culture and history cannot fail to leave an enduring impression on visitors.

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  • China


    China is one of the most scenically and culturally diverse destinations in Asia, where the natural, modern and imperial worlds clash magnificently. From the grandeur of the Great Wall and the silent ranks of Xi'an's remarkable Terracotta Army, to the dramatic slopes of the Yellow Mountains and the dynamic streets of Shanghai, lies a world of quite exquisite superlatives.

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  • Indonesia


    Straddling the Equator, Indonesia is an astonishing collection of islands, landscapes and cultures that make up the largest archipelago in the world. Boasting over 18,000 islands, 300 languages and a rich diversity of customs, cuisines and wildlife, the world’s fourth most populous country is also one of its last great frontiers.

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  • Japan


    Japan Remains for many a captivating enigma, an enthralling mix of tradition and innovation, where the modern and the medieval worlds come together in a rich fusion of Buddhist beliefs, Shinto shrines and 21st Century creativity.

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  • Laos


    Laos is a land of fertile plains and rugged highlands, it is the most beguiling of the old French colonies of Indochina, with a cultural tradition that stretches back over thousands of years and is still a relatively undiscovered destination.

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  • Malaysia


    Influenced by the traditions of the Chinese, Malay, Indians and Europeans, Malaysia is one of the most familiar destination in South East Asia, offering a vibrant fusion of cultures and some of the best food in Asia.

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  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Myanmar (Burma)

    Myanmar (Burma) offers a fascinating journey of discovery through one of South East Asia's least visited, but most rewarding countries with its ancient temples, golden beaches and smiling faces. From the unforgettable temples in Bagan and Mandalay’s fabled history, to largely undiscovered white sand beaches at Ngapali and the placid waters of Inle Lake, Myanmar has a wealth of treasures that exceed the expectations of those who visit.

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  • Thailand


    Away from the crowds, Thailand is a land of unexpected delights, blessed with some of the finest beaches in the world and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia. The little explored Mekong landscapes of the Khorat Plateau also offer the intrepid visitor some of the most authentic cultural experiences anywhere in South East Asia.

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  • Vietnam


    Vietnams rich and diverse heritage reflects a rare complexity of styles and cultures. A most compelling destination from the rice terraces of the north to the Mekong Delta in the south, prepare yourself for more shades of green than you could ever imagine. History and colourful local traditions run shoulders with a past filled with ancient glory merging to create the most fascinating of countries.

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Countries in Far East