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Antarctica Tours

A land of superlatives, Antarctica presents us with one of the last great adventures. These vast, pristine and other worldly landscapes are home to a breathtaking diversity of bird and marine life, from solitary albatrosses to countless colonies of king penguins.

Tours in Antarctica

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Things to See & Do

  • Penguins


    Many species of penguin make Antarctica or the nearby islands their home. From the vast colonies of King penguins, Macaroni penguins & Rock Hopper penguins that are found in South Georgia or the Falkland Islands to the Adelie penguins, Gentoo penguins and aptly named Chinstrap penguins that are found in abundance on the Antarctic Peninsula. These amazing creatures are a fascinating sight.

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  • Icebergs


    Antarctica is a land of snow and ice and its giant glaciers and ice shelves create icebergs of all shapes and sizes. Your first sight of Antarctica is likely to be the huge tabular icebergs that have broken off and due to their size drift north before finally melting away. The peninsula itself will present you with a plethora of icebergs or all shapes and sizes from big lumps of ice freshly broken off a glacier to smaller bergs that have been carved and sculpted by the waves and melting into amazing shapes.

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  • History and Science

    History and Science

    Antarctica has a wealth of history from the early explorers such as Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen to the whalers who used to base themselves on the outer islands and the more recent scientific research bases. On South Georgia you get the opportunity to visit Shackleton’s grave and learn more about his amazing voyage to the Island.

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  • Kayaking


    Kayaking is offered on some of our expedition cruises and is a great way to see Antarctica from a different perspective. Enjoy your surroundings as you paddle amongst the ice and around the numerous bays. Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance.

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  • Hurtigruten: MS Fram

    Hurtigruten: MS Fram

    One of the world’s most sophisticated explorer vessels with high standards and comfort. Stabilizers, Ice class 1A/1B, Internet access and satellite telephone, fitness room and outdoor Jacuzzi. There are large public areas, a spacious observation lounge and outdoor areas on decks.

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  • Silversea Cruises: Silver Explorer

    Silversea Cruises: Silver Explorer

    Embark on a luxurious expedition to the best far-flung destinations in the world aboard Silver Explorer (formerly the Prince Albert II). With eight Zodiac boats, her 132 privileged guests can visit even the most off-the-beaten path locations. Experience the thrill of a true expedition aboard Silver Explorer.

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Highlights of Antarctica

Travel Experts

  • Mike Gurrey

    Make sure you have plenty of memory cards or films for your camera as there are so many good opportunities for photographs.

    Mike Gurrey
    Sales Consultant

Best Time To Go and Weather

Antarctica is synonymous with cold. Mean temperatures in the Antarctic interior range get down to -70C (-94F) during the coldest month, and -35C (-31F) during the warmest month. On the coast, temperatures are considerably warmer: -15C (5F) to -32C (-25F) in the winter, and from 5C (41F) to -5C (23F) in the summer. The Antarctic Peninsula experiences the highest temperatures year round. Strangely, Antarctica is classified as the world's driest desert, due to the interior receiving an average annual precipitation (in equivalent of water) of only about 50 mm (only about 50 mm less than the Sahara). Annual snowfall on the polar plateau is equivalent to less than 5cm (2in) of rain. Antarctica experiences some of the strongest winds on the planet: the katabatics can achieve velocities of up to 320kmph (199mph). The winds on the polar plateau, by contrast, are usually very light. Antarctic whiteouts and blizzards - which can be extremely dangerous - are common.

Essential Information

  • Time differenceGMT -2hrs
  • Flight Time19 hrs
  • VisaNot for British passport holders*
  • ImmunisationsDiphtheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Malaria, TB, Tetanus, Typhoid - same required as for Argentina**
  • Area14 million sq km
  • Population1200 people
  • Dialling Code+672

* Please check with the tourist board to confirm

** Please check with your health professional to confirm

Climate Information

Average Temperature (°C)
Average Rainfall (mm)
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