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Rich in natural beauty, colourful markets and colonial grandeur, Peru boasts more historic ruins than any other South American country. She is the alluring jewel in the Andean crown, and combines perfectly with neighbours Ecuador or Bolivia.

Tours in Peru

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  • Peru and the Andes - Group TourCultural and HistoryHigh altitudeEscorted Tours

    Peru and the Andes - Group Tour

    Lima (2 nights), Arequipa (2 nights), Colca Valley (1 night), Lake Titicaca (2 nights), Cusco (1 night), Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley (1 night), Machu Picchu (1 night), Cusco (2 nights), Sacsayhuaman and Lima (transit)

    14 days £3625

    Departing: 11st April 2015

  • Peru and the Galapagos – Group TourCultural and HistoryFamilyWildlife or SafariEscorted Tours

    Peru and the Galapagos – Group Tour

    Guayaquil (1 night), Galapagos Islands (4 nights), Quito (2 nights), Lima (2 nights), Sacred Valley (2 nights), Cusco (2 nights), Puno (2 nights), Lima (1 night)

    18 days £4485
    SAVE £210 per person

    Departing: 27th November 2014

  • Highlights of Peru and Brazil - Group TourCultural and HistoryNewTailor Made Tours

    Highlights of Peru and Brazil - Group Tour

    Lima (2 nights), Sacred Valley (2 nights), Machu Pichu (1 night), Cusco (2 nights), Iguassu (2 nights), Rio (3 nights)

  • Deluxe PeruClassical and HeritageCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Deluxe Peru

    Lima (2 nights), Arequipa (1 night), Colca Valley (2 nights), Lake Titicaca (3 nights), Andean Explorer train, Cusco (3 nights), Hiram Bingham train, Machu Picchu (1 night), Hiram Bingham train, Cusco (1 night) and Lima (transit)

  • Ancient Wonders of Northern PeruCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Ancient Wonders of Northern Peru

    Lima (2 nights), Caral, Trujillo (2 nights), Temples of the Sun & Moon, Chan Chan, Chiclayo (2 nights), Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan, Gocta (1 night), Chachapoyas (2 night)s, Kuelap, Revash, Leymebamba (1 night), Cajamarca (2 nights) and Lima (1 night)

  • Peruvian Amazon Discovery (December - May)CruisingCultural and HistoryWildlife or SafariTailor Made Tours

    Peruvian Amazon Discovery (December - May)

    Lima (2 nights), MV Aqua cruise (4 nights) and Lima (1 night)

  • Peruvian Amazon Odyssey (December - May)CruisingCultural and HistoryWildlife or SafariTailor Made Tours

    Peruvian Amazon Odyssey (December - May)

    Lima (2 nights), MV Aqua cruise (7 nights) and Lima (1 night)

  • Classic Peru - Group TourHigh altitudeEscorted Tours

    Classic Peru - Group Tour

    Lima (2 nights), Sacred Valley (2 nights), Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu (1 night), Cusco (2 nights), Sacsayhuaman and Lima (transit)

    9 days £2245

    Departing: 18th April 2015

  • Peruvian Amazon Discovery (Jun - Nov)CruisingWildlife or SafariTailor Made Tours

    Peruvian Amazon Discovery (Jun - Nov)

    Lima (2 nights), MV Aqua Amazon luxurious boat river cruise (4 nights) and Lima (1 night)

  • Peruvian Amazon Odyssey (Jun - Nov)CruisingCultural and HistoryWildlife or SafariTailor Made Tours

    Peruvian Amazon Odyssey (Jun - Nov)

    Lima (2 nights), MV Aqua Amazon luxurious boat river cruise (7 nights) and Lima (1 night)

  • New Peruvian Amazon Discovery (Dec-May)CruisingWildlife or SafariTailor Made Tours

    New Peruvian Amazon Discovery (Dec-May)

    Lima (2 nights), MV Aria cruise (4 nights) and Lima (1 night)

  • Mountain Lodges of PeruAdventure or ActiveCultural and HistoryTailor Made Tours

    Mountain Lodges of Peru

    Lima (2 nights), Cusco (2 nights), Mountain Lodges of Peru (5 nights), Machu Picchu (1 night), Cusco (2 nights) and Lima (transit)

Things to See & Do

  • Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu

    The ‘Lost City of the Incas,’ hidden in the clouds for centuries and perhaps the most recognised site in South America; one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

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  • Cusco


    Cusco is considered the archaeological capital of the region, with its Spanish centre vying for space alongside foundations which date back a thousand years. Renowned for a vibrant nightlife and excellent restaurants, it is an ideal base for visiting markets, villages and ruins, whilst nearby lie the magnificent remains of Sacsayhuaman, home to the Inti Raymi solstice celebrations.

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  • Lima


    Peru’s fabulous City of Kings and, reputedly, the ‘Gastronomic Capital of the Americas’, Lima is home to the colonial charms of the Plaza de Armas, a UNESCO World Heritage site whose palaces, churches and museums have earned it the accolade of being one of Latin America’s most captivating central squares.

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  • Peruvian Amazon

    Peruvian Amazon

    Puerto Maldonado which is a short flight from Cusco or Lima offers the best opportunity to explore the Peruvian Amazon. The jungle here is home to lazy rivers and ox-bow lakes which are abundant with wildlife. Common sightings are of capybara, parrots, tapir and the pre-hoatzin bird which frequent the clay licks. Many of the lodges sit in private ecological reserves on the banks of the Madre de Dios River. Each provides comfortable accommodation with an unprecedented insight into the indigenous peoples and array of wildlife through day time and evening nature treks.

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  • Iquitos


    Only accessible by air or boat, the citiy of Iquitos is home to over 400,000 people and often referred to as the gateway to the Peruvian Amazon. Iquitos is one of the most populated cities in the world that cannot be reached by road. Visit Belen Market or watch the spectacular sunrise over the Itaya River.

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  • Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

    Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

    15o kms from Iquitos and reached only by river, this reserve covers nearly 20,000 square kilometers of impressive bio-diversity. Its rivers and rainforests are home to over 450 species of bird and more than 100 types of mammal. Boasting over 130 species of reptile and nearly 250 varieties of fish, its rich waters also include pink dolphins.

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  • Peruvian Amazon

    Peruvian Amazon

    The amazon is the lifeblood of an area that, at its peak, covers some 40% of South America. This mighty river provides a haven for a dazzling diversity of flora, fauna, indigenous tribes and scenic splendour. In Peru you can explore the various areas of the Amazon in great comfort, unspoilt by mass tourism.

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  • Sacred Valley of Incas

    Sacred Valley of Incas

    This fertile alluvial plain nestles within the embrace of mountains running the length of south eastern Peru. Filled with colourful villages, colonial churches and ancient ruins, this beautiful valley was once central to Inca culture and agriculture, as shown by the extensive archaeological sites and terraces across the valley.

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  • Snow clad Andes

    Snow clad Andes

    The mountains and high plateaus of the central Andes, especially in Bolivia and Peru, were the political and economic centre of the Incan Empire. In Peru, the magnificent city of Machu Pichu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a testament to this highly developed civilization and is a major tourist destination. Indigenous communities exist throughout the entire Andean region, but it is Altiplano of the central Andes that remains the heartland of the Andean indigenous peoples. The overwhelming majority of the rural population is of indigenous heritage.

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  • Lucmabamba


    "The Royal inca trail leads from Lucmabamba through thick cloud forest, vine-encrusted ruins, waterfalls and mountain view and includies a glimpse of Machu Picchu itself from a rarely-photographed angle and views over the Urumbamba river"

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Highlights of Peru

Travel Experts

  • Chris Robles Espinosa

    For a feel of old Lima, have a Pisco Sour at the Cordano Bar near the Plaza Mayor, and for people watching, sit at the terrace of the Haiti in Miraflores

    Chris Robles Espinosa
    Sales Consultant
  • Sue Livsey

    Take a boat trip in search of Humboldt Penguins, sea lions and blue footed-boobies on the enchanting Ballestas Islands.

    Sue Livsey
    Latin America Product Manager
  • Sue Livsey

    Take a dip in a thermal spa at Colca Canyon

    Sue Livsey
    Latin America Product Manager

Best Time To Go and Weather

Peru has three district geographic regions: the dry coastal plain; the mountains and the low-lying jungles to the east. The climate is as varied as the topography. Lima is located on a coastal plain, a narrow strip of semi-desert. It enjoys a mild climate with no sharp contrast between seasons. It can be quite humid, with cloudy skies for much of the year due to its proximity to the sea. Paracas and Nasca have a similar climate to that of Lima, although generally they enjoy clearer blue skies than the capital and correspondingly hotter temperatures during the day. The climate is broadly similar in the Andean destinations of Cusco (3352 metres), Chivay (3599 metres) and Puno (3810 metres). Rain is particularly likely in the winter months. Daytime temperatures are spring-like all year round, but it can be bitterly cold at night with temperatures near freezing point. Evenings and early mornings can be correspondingly cool. Visitors may find the thinness of the air uncomfortable at first. Machu Picchu (2299 metres) 112 Kilometres from Cusco, is situated on a hill overlooking the Urubamba River. Arequipa (2362 metres) lies in a valley in the western Andes at the foot of the volcano El Misti. Although these are highland areas, they are at a lower altitude than Cusco and Puno, so temperatures are correspondingly warmer although nights will still be cold. The other main geographical area is the Amazon jungle, where year-round temperatures are high, with high humidity. The Amazon region experiences more rain than elsewhere in Peru, mainly during our winter months.

Essential Information

  • Time differenceGMT -5hrs
  • Flight Time13 hrs
  • VisaNot for British passport holders*
  • ImmunisationsDiphtheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Malaria, Polio, TB, Tetanus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever**
  • CurrencySol
  • CapitalLima
  • Area1.28 million sq km
  • Population28 million
  • Dialling Code+51
  • Electricity220V 60 Hz
  • LanguageAymara, Quechua, Spanish

* Please check with the tourist board to confirm

** Please check with your health professional to confirm

Climate Information

Average Temperature (°C)
Average Rainfall (mm)

Additional Information

Key Phrases
Hola - Hello
Buenos Dias - Good Morning
Buenos Tardes – Good afternoon
Buenos Noches – Good Evening
Mucho Gusto – Nice to Meet You
Cuanto esta? How much?
January - Festival de la Marinera Trujilo Parades, parties and competitions spill onto the town square and streets of this north coast town, as part of Peru’s largest and most prestigious ten day Marinera dance festival May to June – Corpus Christi Taking place on the 9th Thursday following Easter, religious events and processions take place at Cusco’s cathedral. June - Inti-Raymi The Festival of the Sun is a 500 year old Incan Empire ritual which pays tribute to the sun god, Inti, and his wife, the goddess of fertility and harvests. Crowds gather in Sacsayhuamán where ‘Inti’ is transported to the hilltop in a golden Chariot July – Fiesta Virgen del Carmen, Pacartambo This small town, four hours east of Cusco hosts awesome costume displays by Sa’qra dancers and musical troupes portraying Peruvian historical events in honour of The Virgen Carmen, the patron saint of the Mestizo population September – Peru Mistura Tour, Lima Limenos (locals) rub shoulders with gastronomes from around the world at this food festival set in the coastal Magdalena del Mar district of the Peruvian capital October to November – Bullfighting Fera This year-round activity is even bigger during this season and see prestigious bullfighters of Spain and the America arrive from all over the world October – Lord of the Miracles Festival, Lima This procession of the largest number of believers across South America dates back to Colonial times when a slave from Angola drew the image of a black Christ on the walls of plantation hut and features bullfighters from Spain and the Americas
Food & Drink
Ceviche An abundance of Pacific Ocean seafood makes this raw fish marinated in citrus juices a popular lunchtime dish Cuy (Guinea pig) One of the most abundant sources of protein in the Andes, cuy is often roasted or fried and served with rice or corn Lomato Saltado This fusion Asian dish deriving from Peru’s population of Chinese immigrants is a stirfry of beef, tomotoes, peppers and onions mixed with potatoes, soy sauce and white rice Turron de Dona Pepa A sweet, sticky anise-flavoured fruitcake typically eaten in honour of el Señor de los Milagros (Lord of miracles) Picarones Crispy fried pumpkin fritters often served with caramelised honey sauce Pisco Sour This national drink based on the Pisco liquor, also consists of key lime or lemon juice, syrup, ice, egg white and Angostura bitters Chicha Morada Dark and sweet soft drink made from purple maize, sometimes served frozen Inca Cola Popular fluorescent yellow soft drink which tastes similar to Mountain Dew Té / Maté de Coca Although this tea is made from the coca leaf and doesn’t offer the most pleasant taste, it is perfectly safe to drink and is often used to relieve altitude sickness Juice Peru is home to some wonderful fruits including chirimoya and star fruit
In higher quality hotels and restaurants, a 10% service charge will be included, known as ‘propina’ or ‘servicio’ and it is acceptable to add a further 5-10% on top of this for exceptional service. For taxi drivers, agree the fare before you take your journey and tip around 5 Peruvian Nuevo sol (PEN) (around $1.80) to housekeepers, and around 10-20 PEN ($3.60-$7.20) to porters, tour guides and drivers.
Books to Read
Touching The Void by Joe Simpson recounts a gripping but near fatal accident in the Andean Huayhuash mountain with great descriptions of the Andes and Peru along the way The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder based on his 1928 winning novel, is based on a tragedy involving a Peruvian bridge and a monk who embarks on a quest around those who perished The Magical World of Peru by Javiar Zapata Innocenzi, illustrates the mysterious myths, legends and traditions from Peru’s ancient culture and features illustrations by renowned cartoonist Victor Sanjinez García.
Movies to Watch
The Motorcycle Diaries This political memoir written by Che Guevara, sees him explore great Peruvian scenery including the Inca Trail In the Forests of the Night This BBC documentary led by the BBC’s John Simpson, recounts violence and oppression experienced by Peruvians under the early 90s’ brutal Shining Path guerrilla movement
Music to Listen to
Folklórico Originating from the Andes and famous for the melancholy panpipes and charango (lute-like instrument) it includes artists such as William Luna Criolla Orginating from the Pacific Coast, this features African rhythms, Spanish guitars, and Cajón percussion