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Guyana Tours

Guyana is a fabulous destination for adventure and eco-tourism. Matchless wildlife, towering waterfalls and more than 700 species of indigenous birds makes this one of the continent’s most attractive natural settings.

Highlights of Guyana

Things to See & Do

  • Georgetown


    Georgetown is the capital and the largest city in Guyana and lies on the Demerara River Estuary. Most of the city's buidlings are wooden with unique architecture dating back to the 18th century. The impressive St Georges Cathedral is one of the world's tallest free standing wooden buildings.

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  • Kaieteur Falls

    Kaieteur Falls

    Kaieteur Falls is one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls, with a free fall drop of over 700 feet. Accessible principally by air (around 1 hour’s flight from Georgetown), the remoteness of the falls and their location in pristine rainforest enables superb wildlife viewing opportunities. The entire Kaieteur National Park area is located within one of the largest and most bio-diverse rainforests in the world.

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  • Iwokrama


    In the heart of Guyana, isolated and barely touched by civilisation, stand the great rainforests of the Iwokrama and Pakaraima Mountains. Iwokrama is the only living laboratory entirely dedicated to the international community for the study of conservation and development of the rainforest. In a country known for its first class flora and fauna, Iwokrama is one of the best wildlife viewing destinations and offers an excellent chance of spotting a jaguar.

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  • Turtle Mountain

    Turtle Mountain

    Turtle Mountain lies in the heart of the Iwokrama and is 935ft in height. The 1 1/2 to 2 hour climb is rewarded with views over the forest canopy and the river.

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  • Wildlife


    Guyana is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet, with a staggering array of mammals, reptiles, flora and birdlife. From the ‘big hitters,’ including jaguar, giant river otter, harpy eagle and Guyanan Cock-of-the-Rock, to tiny tree frogs and new species of plants, there is more than enough to inspire any naturalist enthusiast.

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  • Surama Mountain

    Surama Mountain

    The ascent to the summit of Surama Mountain is akin to rock climbing. The effort is rewarded with the opportunity to spot excellent birdlife en route and incredible views across the village and savannah to the Pakaraima Mountains.

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  • Rupununi Savannah

    Rupununi Savannah

    The Rupununi River is home to giant river otters and black caiman and any boat trip is rewarded with the opportunity to marvel at the array of birds which inhabit this area.

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  • Karanambu Ranch

    Karanambu Ranch

    Karanambu Ranch is situated where the north savannah grassland, swamp and flood forest meet on the Rupununi River and the horse flats stretch towards the Pakaraima Mountains and into Brazil. The accommodation here is five simple thatched cabins with meals served in the main house.The lodge is also home of Diane McTurk and her family, known internationally for their work in rehabilitating giant river otters to the wild.

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