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Ecuador Tours

Diversity is part of Ecuador’s charm, through its colonial cities, jungles and spectacular mountains and its varied accommodation. With boutique hotels and fine haciendas, there are many opportunities to extend your Galapagos cruise to include the mainland’s highlights.

Highlights of Ecuador

Things to See & Do

  • Quito


    Ecuador’s lofty capital lies in a valley below the imposing slopes of Pichincha Volcano. The Old City, with its captivating colonial architecture and lively markets, has justifiably been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and contrasts beautifully and elegantly with the spectacular backdrop of the snow covered mountains.

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  • Guayaquil


    Guayaquil, along with Quito, is a jumping off point for the Galapagos Islands. But it is well worth spending at least a day here. Ecuador's largest city is located on the coastal lowlands and boasts a pleasant harbour area and the historic barrio of Las Peñas.

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  • Galapagos Islands

    Galapagos Islands

    The Galapagos Islands are like another planet which is why Bales tours to Galapagos are like no other. Each island is completely different to the next in terms of landscape, atmosphere and of course the famous wildlife. Each morning wake up moored next to a new island ready to explore. At the beaches of Espanola Island you can swim with baby sea lions. At Fernandina you can hike the volcanic rock amongst the colonies of lava lizards and marine iguanas. At the eerie island of Genovesa you can discover the blue and red footed boobies and within the green interior of Santa Cruz Island you will find the wild giant tortoises. The sunset at Kicker Rock and the amazing view from the top of Bartolome Island are other highlights of this heavenly paradise.

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  • Amazon


    From Ecuador, the opportunities for spotting wildlife are excellent at the lodges which use local indigenous communities as guides. They have an unrivalled ability to spot kingfishers or to locate the river dolphins. Access to the Amazon is by road or by a short flight from Quito to Coca and then by boat to one of the jungle lodges tucked away in the rainforest. Choose from the Napo wildlife centre, Sacha Lodge or Huaorani Eco lodge.

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  • Papallacta


    Papallacta is a very small town tucked away in the Andes and most famous for it's hotsprings. Hot water from the legendary Papallacta hotsprings, nestled between the Cayambe Volcano and the Antisana Volcano, naturally flows from the mountains and several hotels chanel it into pools of varying temperatures where guests can bask, day and night.

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  • Mindo Cloud Forest

    Mindo Cloud Forest

    Highly recommended for nature lovers, Mindo Cloud Forest is the most visited Cloud Forest in Ecuador. Mindo possesses many natural attractions and boasts a wealth of activities such as tubing, orchid and butterfly gardens, canopy walkways, waterfalls and access to different types of cloud forest.

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