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Latin America

Latin America is blessed with some of Mother Nature's and mankind's most breathtaking wonders. From the high, snow-covered peaks of the Peruvian Andes, to the unique and world renowned islands of the Galapagos, this is a continent that cannot fail to inspire, astound and captivate.

Countries in Latin America

  • Argentina


    Elegant and eclectic, Argentina is a heady mix of culture and nature, from volcanic peaks and salt lakes in the north, via tangos in ‘the Paris of South America,’ to breathtaking Glaciers and the temperate forest of Tierra del Fuego.

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  • Belize


    A breathless mix of Mayan ruins, lush rainforest and incredible natural diversity, Belize offers visitors a genuinely untouched Caribbean hideaway, with some of the best dive locations in Central America.

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  • Bolivia


    Rich in natural resources and cultural heritage, Bolivia boasts Amazonian jungles and vast salt flats, colonial cities and some of the most rugged and isolated landscapes in the Americas.

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  • Brazil


    Epic in scale and spirit, brazil’s terrain includes the mighty Amazon, the wildlife of the Pantanal and thundering Iguassu falls, while this culturally diverse land offers African rhythms in Bahia, colonial cities and electrifying samba in rio.

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  • Chile


    For sheer variety of landscape, Chile is astonishing. From soaring mountains to eerie deserts, from plunging glaciers to the remote waters of the pacific to mythical Easter island, Chile’s natural beauty will not fail to stir your senses.

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  • Colombia


    A land of stunning beaches, ancient civilisations and colonial grace, Colombia has shaken off the image of recent years to emerge as one of the most captivating countries in South America.

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  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica was not named the ‘Rich Coast’ for nothing. Its tiny size belies the fact that this incredible paradise contains some 5% of the world’s total biodiversity. Home to cloud forests and active volcanoes, its unprecedented varieties of flora and fauna makes it one of the most colourful and rewarding destinations anywhere on the continent.

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  • Cuba


    The ‘Pearl of the Antilles’, Cuba is an island of staggeringly rich diversity. Once the gateway into Spain’s vast American empire, it is home to unspoiled beaches and wild lush valleys, dramatic mountain landscapes and colonial grandeur. And, of course, the iconic monuments to Castro, Che and the Cuban Revolution.

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  • Ecuador


    Diversity is part of Ecuador’s charm, through its colonial cities, jungles and spectacular mountains and its varied accommodation. With boutique hotels and fine haciendas, there are many opportunities to extend your Galapagos cruise to include the mainland’s highlights.

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  • Galapagos


    Surreal volcanic landscapes, ancient giant tortoises, myriad bird and marine life; swim and snorkel with penguins and sea lions for a remarkable series of life-changing memories. The ‘Enchanted Isles’ are an experience like no other. Superb boats, naturalist guides, daily shore excursions and informative lectures all ensure you get the best out of this incredible holiday of a lifetime.

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  • Guatemala


    Steeped in Mayan myth, Guatemala is home to the magnificent ruins of Petén and Tikal, as well as the beautiful Lake Atitlán and the volcanic landscapes of the Western Highlands.

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  • Guyana


    Guyana is a fabulous destination for adventure and eco-tourism. Matchless wildlife, towering waterfalls and more than 700 species of indigenous birds makes this one of the continent’s most attractive natural settings.

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  • Mexico


    Few countries can rival Mexico’s historical legacy, which includes unesco listed Chichen Itza and the vast Pyramids of Teotihuacan. From Baja’s wildlife-rich waters to the caribbean, this is a land of vibrant colours and enticing flavours.

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  • Panama


    Sandwiched between the glittering waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea and home to the famous canal that bears its name, Panama lies at the crossroads of the Americas.

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  • Peru


    Rich in natural beauty, colourful markets and colonial grandeur, Peru boasts more historic ruins than any other South American country. She is the alluring jewel in the Andean crown, and combines perfectly with neighbours Ecuador or Bolivia.

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  • Venezuela


    Packed with Caribbean islands and teeming wetlands, flat-topped mountains and the staggering heights of the world’s highest waterfall, Venezuela remains one of South America’s most diverse and least visited destinations.

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