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Natural Sri Lanka Tour

Sri Lanka

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From its tropical golden shores, to the lush verdant landscapes of its cool highlands, this small island paradise is without doubt one of the most diverse and capivating destinations on the Indian Subcontinent, providing an enchantment selling for visitors of all ages.

Tours in Sri Lanka

Natural Sri Lanka Tour

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Things to See & Do

  • Sigiriya


    One of Sri Lanka’s major tourist attractions, located nearly 400 metres above the surrounding jungle, the dramatic rock fortress of Sigiriya (Lion’s Rock) offers the determined visitor the famous frescoes of the Sigiriya Damsels and some truly breathtaking panoramic views.

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  • Kandy


    Gateway to Sri Lanka’s beautiful hill country, the World Heritage setting of Kandy is the country’s cultural capital. Home to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, the most revered Buddhist shrine in the country, and the lovely Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, Kandy also hosts the Perahera each July/August, one of the finest cultural festivals in Asia with an incredible collection of ceremonial elephants.

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  • Galle


    Sri Lanka's oldest living city, Galle is a wonderful eclectic mix of colonial and Sinhalese influences and one of the best examples of a European fortified city in South East Asia. Dominated by the imposing grandeur and towering ramparts of its Dutch Fort (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the back streets and alleyways of Old Galle have retained a captivating charm that still echo to the reminders of a diverse and historical colonial heritage.

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  • Leopard, Yala National Park

    Leopard, Yala National Park

    Although elusive, leopards are found in large numbers throughout Sri Lanka. Fast earning a reputation as one of the best places in the world to spot these magnificent cats, places like Wilpattu and Yala National Parks in particular provide ideal conditions for these large predators, with Yala reputedly holding the highest density of leopards anywhere.

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  • Beach


    With over a thousand miles of golden beaches, Sri Lanka offers an expansive choice of prime locations. The up and coming white sand beaches along the east coast include those around Trincomalee whilst the south-west and western coastline offers some of the best beaches in the Indian Ocean.

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  • Whale Watching

    Whale Watching

    The coastal waters off Sri Lanka provide a haven for some of the densest populations of marine mammals in the world. During the whale watching season that runs between December and April, excursions can be arranged off the coast of Trincomalee or Galle to search for dolphins, blue and sperm whales.

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  • Temple of the Tooth

    Temple of the Tooth

    Gateway to Sri Lanka’s beautiful hill country, the World Heritage setting of Kandy is the country’s cultural capital. Home to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, the most revered Buddhist shrine in the country, and the lovely Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, Kandy also hosts the Perahera each July/August, one of the finest cultural festivals in Asia.

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  • Udawalawe National Park

    Udawalawe National Park

    Located 200 kilometres to the south-east of Colombo, the Udawalawe National Park is one of the country’s major eco-tourism destinations. Famous for its elephant herds, the park is home to the Born Free Foundation’s, Elephant Transit Home, set up to rescue orphaned elephants and return them to the wild.

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  • Ella Waterfalls

    Ella Waterfalls

    From Ella you can enjoy the marvellous view over the hill country from the Ella Gap. A packed lunch can be taken at the viewpoint and a stop made at Ravana Falls, one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The waterfall is approximately 25m high and cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. During the wet season, the waterfall turns into what is said to resemble an areca flower with withering petals, but this is less evident in the dry season, where the flow of water reduces dramatically.

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  • Horton Plains

    Horton Plains

    Sri Lanka’s captivating hill country offers visitors an idyllic mix of misty mountains, colonial hill stations and lush tea plantations. The setting for the natural wonders of the Horton Plains and Ella Gap, its cool climate also attracted the British planters of the 19th century, who left behind them lovely colonial retreats like Nuwara Eliya.

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Highlights of Sri Lanka

Travel Experts

    Best Time To Go and Weather

    The island of Sri Lanka consists of a mountainous interior with extensive lowland coastal areas with a typical tropical climate, only modified by the monsoon.  This great wind system is completely unlike the prevailing wind system that operates in many countries (that is, a wind that prevails from the same direction throughout the year) as the monsoon reverses direction at certain times of the year.  In the highlands, temperatures are moderated by altitude and both days and nights are pleasant.  In the lowlands, there are high temperatures and humidity year round with warm nights.  Coastal breezes reduce the temperatures somewhat on the coast.  Most of the country has at least moderate rainfall throughout the year; in the southwest, rainfall is greatest during the two periods April to June and October and November while the main rainy season in the northeast is between October and January.  In many parts of the country, rainfall occurs in short but heavy showers in the afternoon. It can be cold at night in Nuwara Eliya in December and January.

    Essential Information

    • Time differenceGMT +5.5hrs
    • Flight Time11.5 hrs
    • VisaYes for British passport holders*
    • ImmunisationsHepatitis A & B, Japanese encephalitis, Malaria, Typhoid**
    • CurrencyRupee
    • CapitalColombo
    • Area65,610 sq km
    • Population19.2 million
    • Dialling Code+94
    • Electricity230-240V
    • LanguageSinhala and Tamil

    * Please check with the tourist board to confirm

    ** Please check with your health professional to confirm

    Climate Information

    Average Temperature (°C)
    Average Rainfall (mm)

    Additional Information

    Key Phrases
    Ayubowan - Hello / goodbye
    Sthoothiy – Thank you
    Ow – Yes
    Na – No
    Karanahkara – Please
    January - Kandyan Perahera Festival Procession of decorated elephants where the Sacred Tooth, is taken from the Temple of the Tooth and paraded through streets alongside torch bearers, acrobats and dancers. April – Sri Lanka New Year (Aluth Avurudda) Unlike the western world, new year celebrations here are on the 13th or 14th April, where neighbourhoods party on the streets and serve up Sri Lankan feasts May – Vesak Marks the birth, enlightenment and decease of the Buddha. Buddhist houses are decorated with bright Vesak lanterns August – Vel Sri Lanka’s main Hindu festival sees God Skanda’s silver-plated chariot and vel (spear) paraded across the city of Colombo joined by dancers, musicians and caparisoned elephants October/November – Deepavali Like Dewali in India, this is the festival of lights where celebrations take place with beautiful candle and oil lamp displays
    Food & Drink
    Malu Ambul Thiyal (Sour Fish Curry) Very popular and made from thick gamboges ‘Goraka’ paste Sambol Sri Lankans are fond of their chutneys. This one’s made from grated coconut, onions, red pepper, lime and salt Kiribath A form of rice pudding sweetened with coconut milk Roti Similar to the chapati, a flatbread commonly served with curries Hoppers Various types of pancakes flavoured with coconut milk, honey and many other toppings. String Hoppers (Indiappa) are made from rice noodles Kavun or deep fried oil cakes, made from rice flour, treacle and sometimes with green gram pulse Faluda Popular cold drink containing basil seeds, jelly pieces, ice cream and syrup Coconut water an abundance of coconuts mean this is often drank straight from the coconut Toddy a local cider-like drink made from coconut palm. Arrack is a refined and fermented version Ceylon Tea Sri Lanka’s highest regions of Galle and the east of Colombo are famous for their ‘champagne’ of teas Lion Beer Beer isn’t drank widely here and you can’t buy alcohol on the monthly Poya day, but this one from the Ceylon Brewery, (the first in Sri Lankan) is light and refreshing.
    Restaurants generally add a 10% service charge to their bill and up to a further 17% in taxes, but consider handing waiting staff a 5% share of the bill in cash, in person. If no printed bill is offered, consider rounding up to the nearest 100 rupee (80 cents). Offer porters Rs100 per bag, and between Rs 100 and 500 (80 cents to $3.70) per day. Taxi drivers tend to include tips in their quotes which should be around Rs10-20 (8-15 cents). Negotiate with snake charmers or drummers who may demand Rs1000 (around $7.50) for their entertainment and offer up to Rs1000 per person per day to Tour and safari guides.
    Books to Read
    Mosquito by Roma Tearne tells the story of Theo, who, after his wife’s death, returns to Sri Lanka where he encounters a war-torn homeland and Nulani, a talented local artist. Running in the Family, Michael Ondaatje Post modern memoir based on a man’s quest to reconcile himself with his father.
    Movies to Watch
    Machan Big hearted comedy drama and part-fictional true story about a fake Sri Lankan national handball team, who trick their way into a tournament in Germany.
    Music to Listen to
    Nadagam music Originating from Indian street music, the Nadagam sound is similar to Western operas and Peking musical dramas and tells stories around many characters.
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      Classic Sri Lanka - Group Tour

      Habarana & Cultural Triangle (3 nights), Kandy (2 nights), Nuwara Eliya (1 night), Yala National Park (2 nights) & Galle (1 nights)

      11 days £1729
      SAVE £300 per person

      Departing: 29th October 2014