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This is a land of princely grandeur and colonial elegance, of the Taj Mahal and the Bengal Tiger, where the mighty Ganges carves a sacred path through some of the most scenically and ethnically diverse regions anywhere in the world and whose captivating heritage and natural beauty confronts us at every turn.

Tours in India

Taste of Kerala Tour

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  • Colours of Rajasthan - Group TourCultural and HistoryEscorted Tours

    Colours of Rajasthan - Group Tour

    Delhi (2 nights), Agra (1 night), Jaipur (2 nights), Bikaner (1 night), Jaisalmer (2 nights), Jodhpur (2 nights), Udaipur (2 nights)

    14 days £1750

    Departing: 23th April 2015

  • Images of South India - Group TourCultural and HistoryEscorted Tours

    Images of South India - Group Tour

    Bangalore (1 night), Mysore (2 nights), Nagarhole National Park (2 nights), Ootacamund (2 nights), Kochi (Cochin) (2 nights), Kumarakom (1 night), Periyar (1 night), Madurai (2 nights) & Chennai (Madras) (1 night)

    16 days £2895

    Departing: 05th March 2015

  • Palaces of Rajasthan 2014 - Group TourClassical and HeritageCultural and HistoryNewEscorted Tours

    Palaces of Rajasthan 2014 - Group Tour

    Delhi (2 nights), Agra (1 night), Jaipur (2 nights), Bikaner (2 nights), Jaisalmer (1 night) Manvar (1 night) Rohet (2 nights) & Udaipur (2 nights)

    15 days £2685

    Departing: 12nd March 2015

  • Taj Mahal and Tropical Kerala – Group TourCultural and HistoryEscorted Tours

    Taj Mahal and Tropical Kerala – Group Tour

    Delhi (2 nights), Agra (1 night), Jaipur (2 nights), Cochin (2 nights), Houseboat (1 night), Kumarakom (2 nights)

    12 days £1475

    Departing: 08th March 2015

  • Classic India - Group TourClassical and HeritageCultural and HistoryEscorted Tours

    Classic India - Group Tour

    Delhi (2 nights), Varanasi (1 night), Khajuraho (1 night), Agra (2 nights), The Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Jaipur (2 nights), Amber, Deogarh (1 night) and Udaipur (2 nights)

    13 days £2570

    Departing: 13th March 2015

  • Taj & Tigers - Group TourWildlife or SafariEscorted Tours

    Taj & Tigers - Group Tour

    Delhi (2 nights), Agra (1 night), Ranthambore National Park (2 nights) & Jaipur (2 nights)

    9 days £1610

    Departing: 15th March 2015

  • A Taste of Kerala - Group TourCultural and HistoryEscorted Tours

    A Taste of Kerala - Group Tour

    Kochi (Cochin) (3 nights), Periyar, Thekkady (2 nights), Kumarakom (2 nights), Backwater Cruise (1 night) and optional Mararikulam Beach (3 nights)

    10 days £2035

    Departing: 05th March 2015

  • Hilltops, Temples & Tigers - Group TourWildlife or SafariEscorted Tours

    Hilltops, Temples & Tigers - Group Tour

    Delhi (1 night), Shimla (2 nights), Paragpur (1 night), Taragarh (2 nights), Dharamshala (2 nights), Amritsar (2 nights) Haridwar (1 night), Corbett (2 nights), Delhi (1 night).

    16 days £2475

    Departing: 23th April 2015

  • India Wildlife - Group TourCultural and HistoryWildlife or SafariEscorted Tours

    India Wildlife - Group Tour

    Delhi (1 night), Chambal Reserve (2 nights), Agra (1 night), Orchha, Khajuraho (2 nights), Bandhavgarh (3 nights), Kanha (3 nights) and Nagpur (1 night)

    15 days £2625

    Departing: 19th March 2015

  • Treasures of India - Group TourClassical and HeritageCultural and HistoryNewEscorted Tours

    Treasures of India - Group Tour

    Delhi (2 nights), Agra (2 nights), Jaipur (2 nights)

    7 days £1485

    Departing: 29th March 2015

  • Hilltops and TemplesAdventure or ActiveCultural and HistoryRailTailor Made Tours

    Hilltops and Temples

    Amritsar & the Golden Temple (2 nights), Dharamsala (2 nights), Taragarh (2 nights), Pragpur (2 nights), Shimla (2 nights) and Delhi (2 nights)

  • Sri Lanka and Kerala ExploredTailor Made Tours

    Sri Lanka and Kerala Explored

    Habarana (3 nights), Kandy (2 nights), Nuwara Eliya (1 night), Colombo (1 night), Cochin (2 nights), Munnar (1 night), Madurai (2 nights),Periyar (2 nights), Kumarakom (1 night), Backwater cruise (1 night), Cochin (1 night)

Things to See & Do

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  • Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal

    The world's greatest and possibly most extravagant monument to love is the iconic Taj Mahal. Completed by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1653, in memory of his late wife, its marble facades, intricate carvings and semi-precious stones bewitch all who gaze upon her. Costing in excess of 3 million rupees, it took over 20 years to build. Sunrise is a particularly magical time to visit when the marble transforms its hues from gold to pink and red in the changing light. The rooftop terraces in Taj Ganj offer a mesmerising view of the Taj in the moonlight as does Mehtab Bagh.

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  • Tigers


    Looking for tigers is one of the greatest and often most exciting wildlife experiences on the on the planet, because not only do they hold a particular mythical hold on us as apex predators, but also because they are both very elusive and surprisingly well camouflaged. Historically they would have hidden during the day to avoid being seen but over the years, thanks to protection measures and tourism activities, some tigers, both male and females within the tourism zones of parks have grown up with vehicles and trained elephants and have become habituated to visitors each day, and therefore do not mind being viewed or watched going about their daily lives, with their cubs and even hunting.

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  • Kolkata


    The capital of the Raj, Kolkata (Calcutta) grew from its humble 17th century beginnings to become the jewel in the crown of British India. Vibrant and colourful and liberally sprinkled with reminders of ist colonial past, the city includes the famous domed edifice of the Victoria Memorial.

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  • Mumbai


    Formerly Bombay, Mumbai is India's largest and most cosmopolitan city. Home to "Bollywood" and the country's financial centre, Mumbai is filled with reminders of its colonial past, including its famous landmark "Gateway of India" and the magnificent Victoria Terminus Railway Station. An enjoyable half-day visit can be made by ferry to the ancient cave temples on Elephanta Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  • Amber Fort

    Amber Fort

    The Amber Fort set in picturesque and rugged hills is a fascinating blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture. Constructed by Raja Man Singh I in 1592 and completed by Mirja Raja Jai Singh the fort was made in red sand stone and white marble. The rugged forbidding exterior belies an inner paradise with a beautiful fusion of art and architecture. Amber is the classic and romantic fort-palace with a magnificent aura. The interior wall of the palace depicts expressive painting scenes with carvings, precious stones and mirror settings. In the foreground is the Maota Lake providing a breathtaking vista.

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  • Agra Fort

    Agra Fort

    Agra Fort is similar in layout to the Red Fort in Delhi, but considerably better preserved, as much of Delhi Fort was razed by the British after the Mutiny. As much as palace as a defensive structure, it is also constructed mainly from red sandstone. Emperor Akbar, king at 14, began consolidating his empire and, as an assertion of his power built the fort in Agra between 1565 and 1571, at the same time as Humayun's Tomb in Delhi. Emperor Shah Jahan added to the fort and ended up a prisoner in it. The fort has a beautiful view of his masterpiece, the Taj Mahal, on a clear day.

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  • Bandhavgarh


    Bandhavgarh National Park is one of India’s premier wildlife sanctuaries, boasting the highest concentration of tigers in the country. Legendary home to the elusive white tigers of Rewa, its forested hills and expansive wetlands echo to the cries of macaques and lemurs, hornbills and fish eagles.

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  • Fatehpur Sikri

    Fatehpur Sikri

    Fatehpur Sikri occupies a rocky crest some 40 kilometres to the south-west of Agra. A UNESCO World Heritage site and once the imperial capital of Akbar the Great, the city’s wonderfully preserved collection of monuments provide a remarkable insight into the daily life of the 16th century Mughal court.

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  • Jaipur


    Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan as is often known as the 'Pink City' for it's uniquely coloured building's, the city is known for it's many sights including most famously City Palace.

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  • Tiger Hill

    Tiger Hill

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site sitting at the summit of Ghoom this can be accessed by foot or jeep.Tiger Hill is well known for it's spectacular views over Mt Everest as well as Mt Kangchenjunga. For centuries the hill station (highest station on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway) has provided relief form the heat to become an ideal climate for Tea plantations.

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Highlights of India

Travel Experts

  • Paul Taylor

    The food is one of the many highlights of India. Ask your waiters to explain what the dishes are and try as many as you can.

    Paul Taylor
    Sales Centre Supervisor
  • Mike Gurrey

    Take at least 1 train trip, its an experience that you wont forgot in a hurry and a great way to meet the locals.

    Mike Gurrey
    Sales consultant
  • Mike Gurrey

    Wake up early to See the Taj Mahal, I got there at 5am and was the only person there for about 5 minutes

    Mike Gurrey
    Sales Consultant
  • Sue Livsey

    Take the train from Goa to the UNESCO heritage site of Hampi

    Sue Livsey
    India & the Subcontinent Product Manager
  • Sue Livsey

    Take a visit to the Raj Mandir Cinema which showcases Hindi Films and is a popular symbol of Jaipur oft referred to as the “Pride of Asia”.

    Sue Livsey
    India & the Subcontinent Product Manager

Best Time To Go and Weather

In northern India, the best time to visit the plains is during the milder winter period, which runs from late October to March.  This is followed by increasing humidity and hotter temperatures through April, May and June, when the heavy rains of the monsoon begin, bringing somewhat lower temperatures.  The rain has all but petered out in early September although temperatures remain high and the occasional downpour may occur.  From late September to October the weather is very warm. Southern India experiences two different monsoons; the southwest monsoon which lasts from June to September and affects the western side of the country (Cochin) and the southeast monsoon, which brings rain to the east coast (Madras) from October to December.  Interior cities such as Bangalore, Mysore, Ootacamund and Madurai are affected to lesser extent by the southwest monsoon.  The dates chosen for the South India Tour are planned to avoid the heaviest monsoonal rains, but there is always the possibility of some rain particularly between October and December. Ladakh is located in the Western Himalayas of northern India, visits are only possible in the summer months between June and September.

Essential Information

  • Time differenceGMT + 5.5 hours
  • Flight Time10 hrs
  • VisaYes for British passport holders*
  • ImmunisationsHepatitis A & B, Japanese encephalitis, Rabies, Typhoid**
  • CurrencyRupee
  • CapitalNew Delhi
  • Area3.28 million sq km
  • Population1.1 billion
  • Dialling Code+91
  • Electricity220V
  • LanguageHindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Kashmiri, English, , Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam

* Please check with the tourist board to confirm

** Please check with your health professional to confirm

Climate Information

Average Temperature (°C)
Average Rainfall (mm)

Additional Information

Key Phrases
Namaste - Hello
Kripaya - Please
Shukhriya, Dhanyavaad – Thank you
Ye kitne ka hai – How much is this?
January - Modhera Dance Festival The 11th century Sun Temple of Modhera in Gujarat serves as the dramatic backdrop for Indian dancers to worship the sun god, Surya, through classic dance and bright costumes. January - Pongal Harvest Festival Villagers from the southern region of Tamil Nadu gather for this three day festival of thanks, involving cattle races, community meals and special ‘porridge’ made for the cows. January to March - Kumbh Mela Festival This world’s largest religious gathering lasting 55 days, attracts millions of Hindu pilgrims who visit one of four locations where the Ganges, Yamuna and Sarawati rivers meet, to ‘purify’ themselves in the water. February - Konark Dance festival The 700 year old Sun Temple of Konark, a UNESCO World heritage site, hosts traditional dances such as Odissi, and Manipuri, within the striking surrounds of its Natyamandir dancing hall. March - Holi Festival Jaipur, Rajasthan’s largest state known as the Pink City, explodes with colour and music as people cover each other with brightly coloured powdered paint. September or October – Dussera festival (Dasara) A dramatic ten day ceremony where ‘demon’ effigies are set alight while Hindus practise fasting and celebrations, symbolising the elimination of evil and following of truth. October to November – Diwali Festival, countrywide This classic Indian ‘Festival of lights’ where people exchange gifts and skies erupt with fireworks, involves beautiful oil lamp (diya) displays which are said to lead goddess Lakshmi to their homes. November to January - Chennai Music Festival Temples and heritage bungalows of this capital city of Tamil Nadu play host to this classical music and dance extravaganza with wonderful displays of traditional instruments.
Food & Drink
Indian cooking is as varied as the country itself, with dozens of distinctive regional culinary traditions ranging from the classic Mughlai style cuisine of the north to the feisty coconut- and chilli-infused flavours of the south; these are often a revelation to first-time visitors, whose only contact with Indian food will probably have been through the stereotypical Anglo-Indian dishes served up in the majority of restaurants overseas. Biryani Often mixed with meat and vegetable, this rice dish is often served with plain yoghurt to counteract the chilli and spice. Naan and Roti bread are common staple accompaniments. One is yeast-leavened whereas the other is unleavened, made from stoneground or atta wholemeal flour. Samosa A common savoury snack, or ‘Chaat’, typically sold at roadside stalls. Masala Dosa This dish of sautéed spiced potato (masala) and crispy savoury pancakes (Dosa) made from skinless fermented black lentils and rice is a classic dish often accompanied with ghee and an array of chutneys. Dal Well known pulse-based staple that accompanies many Indian dishes. Darjeeling Tea, the ‘Champagne of the East’ from West Bengal tea plantations Assam is another well famous Indian export. Masala Chai, a mixed cardamom spice tea popular in Northern and central India and typically served sweet with rich whole or condensed milk. Coffee is a major export of Chikmagalur, the ‘Coffee Land’ of the southern region of Karnataka, famous for monsoon rains and of course, coffee beans.
Indian hotels include a 10% service charge included in their bill and around 10% (60 rupees or $1) is acceptable for waiting staff. Porters and housekeeping staff generally receive around 30 rupees (50 cents) and taxi drivers generally take a rounded-up fare, around 10 rupees (10-20 cents). Consider tipping around 100 rupees ($1.60) for tour guides, more if it’s a private tour.
Books to Read
White Tiger by Aravind Adiga follows the tale of Balram Halwai, born in a backwater village by the River Ganges who is on a journey to find a better life when he becomes a chauffeur in Delhi for a rich landlord. Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie - a fascinating story about one of the 1,001 children born on the day of India’s independence, depicting the country’s colourful background during the 20th Century. A suitable Boy by Vikram Seth - a love story set amidst a changing political climate in post-Independence India. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy - the story of Kerala life through the eyes of fraternal twins, between the 1960s and the 1990s when they are reunited.
Movies to Watch
Life of Pi Beautiful 3D film about young boy Pi (Suraj Sharma), who after surviving a shipwreck, embarks on an epic journey of adventure, onboard a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger called Richard Parker. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel British comedy about retirees who travel to India to stay in a newly restored hotel which proves to be less luxurious than expected (Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy). Slumdog Millionnaire Director Danny Boyle’s stunning representation of Mumbai life through the eyes of three children from the Juhu slum leads to lead character Jamal appearing as a contestant on the TV show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (Dev Patel, Freida Pinto).
Music to Listen to
A.R Rahman composer of the famous Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, described as the most prolific film composer. Asha Bhosle This legendary Indian singer and Bollywood playback singer had the song ‘Brimful of Asha’ written about her by British Indian band Cornershop.