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Canada Tours

A superb year round destination, Canada’s landscapes and cultural highlights offer the perfect setting for coast-to-coast journeys or intimate exploration.

Highlights of Canada

Things to See & Do

  • Rocky Mountaineer Train

    Rocky Mountaineer Train

    A 2-day journey which travels during daylight hours, ensuring that you don't miss any of the breathtaking scenery of glacier-fed lakes or majestic mountain vistas. There are 3 levels of service available from the comfortable Redleaf to the upgraded Silverleaf or Goldleaf carriages.

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  • Vancouver


    The very essence of a Canadian city, Vancouver has it all. Nestling between snow-capped mountains and sparkling waters, this cosmopolitan of cities boasts a seemingly endless array of highlights such as Stanley Park and Grouse Mountain as well as the city's waterfront.

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  • Banff


    Lying at the centre of the spectacular Banff National Park, this resort provides a wealth of year-round activities, wildlife experiences and unsurpassed landscapes. Here you have the opportunity to join a local excursion and explore the surrounding area by foot, canoe or horseback.

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  • Jasper


    The largest of Canada's Rocky Mountain parks, Jasper has an endless choice of trails for hikers to explore. Other available outdoor excursions include wildlife tours or river rafting.

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  • Lake Louise

    Lake Louise

    Lake Louise is a truly breathtaking vision of turquoise serenity with icy glaciers and tumbling waterfalls, hemmed in by a ring of towering peaks.

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  • Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

    The celestial grandeur of the Northern Lights is one of nature’s most remarkable phenomena; flowing curtains of light that transform the night skies above the Canadian wilderness into a shimmering canvas of stunning reds, greens and blues.

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  • Polar Bears

    Polar Bears

    For many, a sight of a polar bear in the wild will be a lifetime memory. After the mating season, throughout October and November the females dig a den, most often in snowdrifts or along mountain slopes, making this a great time of year view these ambling beasts.

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  • Whale watching

    Whale watching

    Board a cruise to Brier Island where you will have an opportunity take part in a scientific survey. Look out for humpbcks, dolphins, porpoises and an array of different seabirds.

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  • Victoria


    The city of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia is best known for its maritime heritage and colonial charm. Recommended activities include a visit to the renowned Butchart Gardens, afternoon tea at the exclusive Fairmont Empress Hotel overlooking the Inner Harbour, a whale watching excursion or the Royal British Columbia Museum.

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  • Bear watching

    Bear watching

    Guests staying at Sonora Resort are offered the rare chance to observe the elusive west coast grizzly bear as it moves freely in its natural environment. Step aboard an eco-tour boat for a one-hour trip to the lands of the Homalco First Nations band. From one of three viewing stands you will have an unobtrusive view of the bears’ home territory with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of these shy, yet magnificent animals.

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