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Morocco Tours

Just a short flight from the UK, Morocco is a land filled with bustling markets, tempting cuisine and beautifully atmospheric cities, where the towering slopes of the atlas mountains provide a stunning backdrop to a destination of pure magic.

Highlights of Morocco

Things to See & Do

  • Marrakesh


    Evoking the colour and romance of the ‘Arabian Nights’, Marrakech’s old Medina has been the meeting place for the desert and mountain tribes for centuries. Even today, its lively souks and alleys reflect the very spirit of this fascinating country, and no more so than the vibrancy of Djemaá el-Fna Square.

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  • Djemaa El-Fna

    Djemaa El-Fna

    One of the highlights of Marrakech, the Djemaa el-Fna is a wonderful fusion of noise and colour. The modern day equivalent of the Arabian Nights, its captivating network of souks and alleys are filled with musicians and snake charmers, story tellers and water sellers and, as night falls, the square becomes a magnet for an amazing collection of food stalls.

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  • High Atlas Mountains

    High Atlas Mountains

    Separating the Atlantic and the Mediterranean from the barren plains of the Sahara, the Atlas Mountains carve great swathes through the Moroccan interior. Home to isolated Berber villages and the towering peak of Jebel Toubkal, these mountain landscapes are within easy reach of Marrakech.

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  • Essaouira


    A UNESCO World Heritage Site and certainly one of Morocco’s most engaging resorts, Essaouira began life as a trading port for European and Jewish merchants. Nestling behind the walls of its Portuguese fortifications, its picturesque blue-shuttered houses and traditional fishing boats today provide the perfect backdrop before the crashing rollers of the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Erfoud


    An oasis town set amongst the dunes of the Sahara, Erfoud is home to a thriving film industry that has been used in the production of a number of Hollywood movies. Built by the French, besides the waters of the Ziz River, the town provides an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding desert.

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  • Desert


    The vast Sahara stretches across huge swathes of Morocco’s southern regions, encompassing a world of haunting sands, Berber strongholds and captivating oases, the landscapes around the desert town of Erfoud being amongst the most spectacular in the country, with 200 metre high dunes stretching away into the distance. But there is rich variety here too, with ‘The Valley of the Kasbahs’ and the towering Todra Gorge carving through the timeless vistas of the Dades Valley and the High Atlas, whilst the strategically important town of Ouarzazate boasts one of the largest movie studios on the planet, providing dramatic backdrops to such epics as Cleopatra, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and Babel.

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  • Dades Valley

    Dades Valley

    Trapped between the alpine snows and the semi-desert, the fertile Dades River Valley is traditional fig country. The main trading route between the desert and the oases of the Tifilat, the valley’s twisted landscapes of red rock are strewn with hundreds of ancient Berber kasbahs, built by the local people to protect them from invasion.

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  • Kasbahs


    Traditionally a place of refuge and shelter, kasbahs are often found amongst the mountainous landscapes of the High Atlas and the more isolated desert regions to the south. Originally made from local materials, mud and straw, these days they have been embellished with modern conveniences to offer guests a range of styles and comforts; from the authentic to the extravagant. Given their age old significance in providing protection, they are also often found in some of Morocco’s more remote locations, providing their clients with some spectacular natural backdrops.

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  • Riads


    Riads have long provided a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of colourful medinas and chaotic markets. Traditionally the refuge of Morocco’s more affluent citizens, riads are architectural gems set around an inner garden or courtyard and hidden from the outside world by high walls. Often centrally located, many have been restored to their former glory, their high ceilings, luxuriant atriums and marbled floors providing guests with an authentic slice of Moroccan elegance and offering a unique haven from the noise and dust of the city outside.

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  • Spas and Hammams

    Spas and Hammams

    Spas have been defined as ‘places devoted to enhancing overall well-being’ and, as such, they provide a welcome addition to any holiday. A favoured pastime of the Romans, many nowadays offer a choice of treatments, from massages and mud baths, to facials and aromatherapy. By contrast, hammams are a distinct part of Moroccan culture. Similar to Turkish baths, these traditional steam rooms have long been a place for the Moroccans to meet and gossip and many Moroccan hotels offer their guests the delights of a traditional hammam.

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