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Botswana Tours

The ultimate in exclusive safaris, Botswana is home to the expansive vistas of The Hauntingly striking Kalahari desert, the famous elephant herds of Chobe and The Game rich landscapes of The Okavango Delta, the jewel in her glittering crown.

Highlights of Botswana

Things to See & Do

  • Okavango Delta

    Okavango Delta

    The largest inland delta on earth and without doubt Botswana’s most famous natural feature. The Okavango is a remarkable network of lagoons and channels that flood annually. Located in the midst of this expanse of unparalleled beauty, covering 20% of its area is the Moremi Game Reserve, home to an array of wildlife.

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  • Linyanti Reserve

    Linyanti Reserve

    Lying to the north of the Okavango Delta, the Linyanti Wetlands present visitors with one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of Africa. Covering over 1,250 square kilometres, its rivers, floodplains and dense forests support huge herds of zebra, buffalo and elephant, as well as wild dog, cheetah and aardvarks.

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  • Mokoroing the Delta

    Mokoroing the Delta

    The mokoro, a dugout canoe made from a single tree, is the perfect craft for negotiating the shallow waters of the delta, with its streamlined shape gently and silently gliding through the narrow channels. Mokoros are synonymous with the Delta and, today are an experience not to be missed if visiting the Okavango.

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  • Moremi Reserve

    Moremi Reserve

    This gem of a National Park has garnered a number of important distinctions. in 2008, it was voted the ‘best game reserve in Africa’ by the prestigious African Travel and Tourism Association. Moremi Game Reserve is situated in the central and eastern areas of the Okavango, and includes the Moremi Tongue and chief’s island, boasting one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the continent. This makes for spectacular game viewing and bird watching, including all major naturally occurring herbivore and carnivore species in the region, and over 400 species of birds, many migratory and some endangered. Both Black and White Rhino have recently been re-introduced, now making the reserve a ‘Big Five’ destination.

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  • Big Five

    Big Five

    Africa’s famous ‘most wanted’ list the Big Five comprise the impressive rhino and the African elephant (largest land mammal on earth), the brooding and deadly buffalo, the beautifully elusive leopard and, finally, the magnificent lion, king of the beasts. Our East Africa journeys off the chance, with luck, to view all 5 in their natural habitat. Maybe you will be lucky enough to witness a lion roar, an incredible sound (and feeling) which can travel 8 km.

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  • Game Drives

    Game Drives

    Your days will take a wonderfully regular routine. Each will begin with an early start and a morning game drive, to make the most of the cool of the day, when the animals are likely to be at their most exuberant. This will then be followed by breakfast and a morning spent relaxing and swimming, or simply basking in the glorious ambience of the setting. After lunch you will then enjoy a late afternoon game drive, which in its turn precedes a very civilised itinerary of sundowners and dinner. Your game drives and the day in general are all so incredibly unhurried and reminiscent of a more gentle age of exploration.

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  • Large herds of elephants

    Large herds of elephants

    During certain seasons, there may be a good chance that you could see hundreds of elephants at one time. You may also be lucky enough to be surrounded by elephants as Botswana just seem to have masses of these magnificent animals throughout its wonderful land.

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  • Sunset cruise

    Sunset cruise

    Botswana's vast landscapes take on an altogether more ethereal glow in the late hues of the afternoon sun. Cruising the waters of the Chobe River and the Okavango Delta at sunset, watching herds of hippos and elephants bathing at the water's edge, provides a magical end to a perfect day.

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  • Night game drives

    Night game drives

    Night drives in Botswana provide for some of the most dramatic and unusual sighting. Night time in Africa is a time when our ancient fears rise to the surface, a time when our DNA shudders to the thought of when we were part of the natural world and were considered easy prey, but today we can experience the dramas of the night from the safety of a safari vehicle.

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  • Boma dinner

    Boma dinner

    A traditional African Boma is often nestled within the surrounding bush, merely footsteps away from your lodge. Still today the flames of the Boma reflect memories of the ancient world of African folk and their way of life. Boma, meaning Kraal in Swahili, formed an enclosure, usually made from latte sticks, for camps and fortified villages during the 18th and 19th century when tribal wars and colonial conquests were common. During your safari there will be the opportunity to take a Boma dinner under the stars, however you will have the luxury of modern day facilities and utensils. The boma, surrounded by ancient bush beyond, is the ideal setting for relaxing and toasting to a sumptuous experience.

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